Memorial Gifts and Tributes

Memorial Gifts and Tributes

The Springfield Parks Foundation is happy and proud to provide many ways for you to pay tribute to your loved ones. Through our tributes and memorial gifts program, donors can purchase a brick, a tree, or even a bench to pay tribute to their loved ones.

Memorial Brick Program

Please join the Springfield Parks Foundation in its support of the beautification of various Parks by purchasing a memorial brick. Brick purchases help raise funds while providing a permanent memorial to the important role that our beloved Park has played in the lives of so many. Memorial bricks can be purchased for the Washington Park Playground OR the Lincoln Park Pond Area. Bricks can be purchased in two different sizes.  

Size 1: 4 inches x 8 inches. These bricks can include up to 3 lines of 14-character text maximum. Cost: $100

Size 2: 8 inches x 8 inches. These bricks can include up to 6 lines of 14-character text maximum. Cost: $250

Purchase a Memorial Brick

Generations Tree Program

The Generations Tree Program is a cooperative program between the Springfield Parks Foundation and the Springfield Park District. It was created to provide an opportunity for individuals, families, businesses, and groups to establish a living, long-lasting, and beautiful tribute to someone that they wish to honor.

The Springfield Parks Foundation is dedicated to preserving and restoring native vegetation within our parks. We work with the Springfield Park District Arborist to establish an approved tree list that meets restoration criteria.

Cost: $200

Purchase a Generations Tree

Memorial Bench Program

Our Memorial Bench Program offers the opportunity to purchase a custom historically designed black metal bench with a brass placard for engraving. These benches can be seen throughout the Springfield area parks.

The memorial benches create a dedicated space to commemorate a special person in your life or to celebrate a special event with a memorial park bench. The benches serve as a beautiful lasting remembrance that will benefit the community for years.

Cost: $2,500