About the Foundation

About the Foundation

The Springfield Parks Foundation (SPF) was formed in 1991 as a not-for-profit fundraising organization dedicated to enhancing the use, growth, and preservation of our parks. Springfield has nearly 40 neighborhood, community, and regional parks. The Foundation works closely with the Park Board, City of Springfield, other state and local agencies, the business community and individuals to provide support and funding for many park projects. Foundation projects include park restoration, landscape improvement, and commemoration.

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Current Board Members

Rianne Hawkins (President)
Rob Tucker (Vice President)
Susan Helm (Secretary)
Don Evans (Treasurer)
Frances Cobern
Butch Elzea (Past President)
Dylan Grady
Joe Hills
Jennifer Walker
Claire Griffith
Tom Hutcheson

Ex-Officio Members

Leslie Sgro
Derek Harms

Park Board Liaison

Mary Aiello

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