Spring 2023 Tree Sale

Purchase a tree from the Springfield Parks Foundation!

It's time for the bi-annual tree sale to benefit the Springfield Parks Foundation!

For your donation of $150, you can purchase a tree to be planted at a Springfield area park, as needed by the Park District. For your donation of $100, you can purchase a flowering tree to plant in your own yard or donate to the Springfield Park District. Trees are expected to arrive in early April.

The trees that are available for purchase are all native to the Central Illinois area. Your donation goes to support the Springfield Parks Foundation. Our work is to support and improve our Springfield area parks. 

Thank you for your support!     

All purchases must be made by April 1, 2023

Trees Available for Purchase include:



White Flowering Dogwood


Trees burst into bloom in spring, smothering tree boughs in a cloud of blossoms. Even impatient gardeners will be satisfied; very young trees fill to the brim with flowers. Trees grow to 15 to 25 feet with a spread of about 10 feet. Beautiful lining a driveway or as a front yard tree. Enjoys partial shade, so you can plant it under larger trees.

Purple Robe Locust


Purple Robe Locusts are excellent street trees and provide refreshing shade for decks or patios. They are fast-growing, gaining two to three feet per year, and reach a medium tree height of thirty to forty feet. They can live for over a hundred years. When your tree matures, it will be approximately 30 - 40' tall x 25 - 30' wide.

American Redbud Supreme


Known for its showy reddish-purple blossoms, this flowering tree is one of the first plants to herald the arrival of spring. It is native to North America. This small tree provides three seasons of visual interest, with lovely heart-shaped leaves in the summer and dangling seed pods in the fall. The tree typically develops a vase shape, as the trunk will divide into multi trunks near the ground. When your tree matures, it will be approximately 20 - 30' tall x 25 - 35' wide.

EH Wilson Mimosa Tree Supreme

These mimosa trees feature fine, graceful green leaves, attractive brown pods, and clusters of large, showy, pink-fringed flowers that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies throughout the summer. This easy-care variety is fast-growing, drought-resistant, and heat-tolerant. Matures to be 30-40' tall and 20-25' wide.


Kay Parris Magnolia Supreme

Southern Magnolia trees are relatively fast-growing and pest-free. This Magnolia tree is drought tolerant once established but in dry hot areas, it will need some shade. The Kay Parris Magnolia grows best in organically rich, moist, preferably neutral to acid, well-drained soils. It is a low-maintenance evergreen tree that does not require routine pruning. When your tree matures, it will be approximately 15 - 25' tall x 8 - 15' wide.


Okame Cherry Supreme


The Okame Cherry tree is one of the few flowering cherries that grow and blossom in warmer zones. This ornamental tree blooms earlier than other cherries with pink, showy, fragrant flowers. The early spring blooms are so lovely, they are celebrated at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. When your tree matures, it will be approximately 15 - 30' tall x 15 - 30' wide.

Purchase your tree or donate a tree to the Springfield Park District via our secure donation page: 

NOTE: Assistance in planting trees is also available for an additional fee. Email us at info@springfieldparksfoundation.org for details.

For more information about how to plan and care for your new tree - check out our resources page.