Spring 2023 Tree Sale

Purchase a tree from the Springfield Parks Foundation!

It's time for the bi-annual tree sale to benefit the Springfield Parks Foundation.  For your donation of $150, you can purchase a tree to plant in your own yard or donate to the Springfield Park District.

In partnership with NURSERY and the Springfield Park District, the trees that are available for donating are all native to the Central Illinois area. Your donation goes to support the Springfield Parks Foundation. Our work is to support and improve our Springfield area parks. 

Thank you for your support!     

All purchases must be made by DATE.

Trees Available for Purchase include:

Tree Height  Spread  Purpose Picture
River Birch 30-40 feet 40-60 feet Shade
Sugarberry 60-80 feet 60-80 feet Shade
White Fringetree 12-20 feet 12-20 feet Showy
Persimmon 35-60 feet 25-35 feet Rain garden  
Swamp White Oak 50-60 feet 50-60 feet Shade   
Bur Oak 60-80 feet 60-80 feet Shade  
Swamp Chestnut Oak 40-60 feet 30-50 feet Shade  
American Elm 60-80 feet 40-70 feet Shade  
Native Red Maple 40-70 feet 30-50 feet Shade  
Franksred Maple 40-50 feet 30-40 feet Shade  
Sun Valley Maple 20-35 feet 15-25 feet Shade   
Red Bud 15-25 feet 15-25 feet Flowering   

Purchase your tree or donate a tree to the Springfield Park District via our secure donation page: 

This year, the Springfield Parks Foundation has partnered with NURSERY INFORMATION

NOTE: Assistance in planting trees is also available for an additional fee. Email us at info@springfieldparksfoundation.org for details.

For more information about how to plan and care for your new tree - check out our resources page.

Source for tree information: Missouri Botanical Gardens